Rent Moncton

Rent Moncton

988 Champlain St, Dieppe, NB E1A 1P8, Canada

+1 506-863-8484

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Moncton Apartments – Moncton,NB

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  • Clean, bright apartment at a reasonable price. Maintenance issues were addressed quickly and management is friendly and helpful. Would definitely recommend!

  • I could not be happier! I'm constantly seeing management cleaning around the building; maintenance is on point! Walked in the other day and they were painting the halls even though it was not necessary in my opinion!

    I had minor maintenance issues with my apartment and within 24 hours of my maintenance request they had everything done with no questions asked!

    Keep up the great work Rentmoncton!

  • The management team is really caring. I always felt that they could help me if there was something. My apartment was really nice and the people living in the building were really friendly. Rent Moncton is a great choice to consider!

  • Lied to from the beginning, almost zero maintenance except for the guy that makes the lawn look like a five year old mowed it. This sound proof building is not at all , we can hear the upstairs neighbor when they use the bathroom and when they walk around the apartment it sometimes rattles the dishes . No air exchanger and smells like wet dog when it rains. Just all around poorly run rental businesses.happy to be out of that dump ,do your home work before considering renting from these crooks