Regent Student Living

 Regent Student Living

 51 Lake St, St. Catharines, ON L2R 0B6, Canada

 +1 289-479-5500

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  • A lot of broken/unmaintained facilities, the gym has machines without rubber/ grip handle bars because they got ripped up so you can cut yourself if you aren’t careful. the vending machines are usually empty and never refilled, I talked with an employee for postponing a payment and another day he came at me with eviction threats.

    I went to vacation and the next couple of months I came back and the apartment was filthy, bugs flying around, expired food etc, turns out my roommates decided to all leave without cleaning their stuff so I was left and forced to pay the cleaning fee.

  • Very unprofessional disorganized staff - poor experience and lack of continuity in terms of the obtaining a rental agreement for my sister. We signed the lease on Aug 7th and sent it back after Regent ‘corrected’ the multiple spelling errors (which they still didn’t correct) within the lease. At the time, they confirmed verbally that we were all set. Fast forward close to a month later, they haven’t confirmed with us the room details and are now saying that they haven’t assigned anything yet. We called numerous times and no one picked up. My sister is meant to move in today for her Freshman week at Brock but now we are scrambling to find an alternative place because Regent screwed her over. Please do better and train your staff to be more organized in handling lease agreements & dealing with clients. Or hire more staff during peak season.

  • I won't lie the place is nice and the price is good but it is honestly stressful to live there. The management only have interest in what you have to say if they will charging you for it. Also what is the point of having a number is no one ever picks the call. Also they keep increasing the rent which is crazy. All they care about is money.

  • Staff
    had many issues with the staff, requested for things to be fixed multiple times, they do not do any actions unless it requires you needing to pay them. multiple errors where they take money from my bank account then email me about missing payments.
    Multiple times where they take money and claim there were payments due (on going issue).

    Apartment next year reservation
    I informed them that I wanted to stay for next year since you have to reserve before time if you don't want your room claimed by someone else, and all the papers were done and handed back to them. everything was all quiet until august came by and I was informed to clear my room. I asked them why and they told me that I do not have a room for next year. I argued with them and told them about it and all they replied to me is (the employee that managed my things is not working there anymore), this was not my issue since it is not my error but they don't reply back which is very unprofessional. I was forced to move back to my parents house since I could not find a residence in time. Im now forced to commute 2 hours everyday because of they're irresponsibility and carelessness , this not only increases. my spendature on gas but also puts on unnecessary kilometres on my car, and university students are limited on these.

    The Gym
    The gym at James street has unsafe equipment where injury could happen, they are never maintained and never lubricated which is dangerous.
    the vending machines has only been filled once in the two years I've been there. the soda vending machine seemed to never work and always took your money! I placed a 20 dollar bill in it and they said wait until it the vending machine is refilled (which never happened) and contact us again so we can give you a compensation. (which again never happened)

    the design of the place is pretty nice with a modern look but its a shame on how badly they manage the place.

    James Street Store
    When I first joined Regent on James street I was promised to have the mini store opened for next year. time passed and I've never seen any progress for it and is still an empty room.

    The Rooms
    the apartment is very satisfying, the place has an apartment feel over a dorm feel which is good.
    fire alarms are too sensitive and tend to go off from cooking things.

    Price increases every year
    For the two years I've been there the price of rent increased. without any word of why and if it is actually going In to fix things. from what I've seen no progress has ever been made ever since the price increases, and I've been told from other peers that it is still increasing and again, nothing is going into fixing the place

    the underground parking
    I expected the underground parking to be safe for my car, since this is one of the main reasons why I chose to live there, I owned a $60,000 and it was regularly vandalized issues with people leaving drinks on it, putting fast-food bags and the once had someone leave the drink on it but sideways so all the liquid came out and spilled on the paint, all of these are harmful for the paint. I tried to contact regent about this but never had a solution. other than that the parking is good for keeping your car out of the snow.

    the events look to be fun and involves residents and lets them connect with each other its a good way to introduce people and for them to form a community. but it only happens on lake street. and during winter it becomes more difficult since you'd have to manage your way through the cold just for a meet-up. it as time went on it felt as if James street building was left out on many things. unfinished store, unmaintained gym equipment, no events, empty vending machines, no underground parking, and still paying the same prices as Lake street.

    I tried to like this place, I came in loving it since I really liked the modern design of the apartments but as time went on it became frustrating on how things are managed and its as if your talking to wall unless your waving your money around and it resorted me in resenting the place.

  • Regent's staff and management is a complete disaster! They will deduct money from your account twice in a month, or let months pass by without collecting the rent through their TenantPAY. They also tend to not answer phone calls, or reply to e-mails. If you request maintenance, they might take a whole week to take a look at the unit. They're not reliable AT ALL. I'm pretty sure there are other student housing options way better than this. The place is a guaranteed headache.