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  • Pierre Brine, from RE/MAX quality real estate Moncton, is a very bad person who just care about his own interest, beware of him...

  • I am going to try to remain as factual as possible with this review. Although there is no doubt that REMAX has great agents, my experience/knowledge with Katie Reick or Katey Day-Reick (apparently listed under 2 different names) is that she is certainly not one of those great agents. We have had an extremely difficult and stressful transaction with her as buyers of one of her listings. She made it so difficult for us that we actually contemplated giving up on the deal on several occasions simply because of her. At one point we decided to reach out to the seller to see if we could negotiate a 2 week extension due to reasons that were out of our control and with a thorough explanation as to why a 2 week extension would have been much appreciated. Katie or Katey decided upon herself that she knew what was best for the seller and refused to pass on the e-mail (by her own admission) which had been sent to her by our agent. On a second occasion, I decided to write directly to her with again a request to pass on my e-mail to the seller. She never replied to my e-mail and can only assume that once again she refused to pass it on to the seller since we never heard anything back in regards of our request. Both e-mails were very respectful with a simple explanation and request for an extension but both times she apparently decided that she knew what was best for the seller without passing on the emails that were intended for the seller. The optics of this experience is certainly that Katie or Katey is in it for no other reason than the path of least resistance in obtaining her commission. I think that this was very disrespectful to all parties involved on top of being unreasonable, insensitive and extremely unprofessional. The risk with an agent who only thinks of their commission is that you can lose many potential buyers or it may take much longer to sell your property, negatively affecting the interest of the seller who puts all of their trust in the selling agent. I have purchased several properties over the years and this was by far THE worst experience we have ever had. To the sellers out there considering using this agent Katie Reick or Katey Day-Reick, you should know that you will not be made aware of all the facts and information of your transaction and that the agent will make decisions for you, good or bad without consulting you… I would certainly not recommend this agent to family, friends or work colleagues that often move in or out of the Moncton area. If you want to avoid an enormous amount of unnecessary stress and concerns just go with someone else. To the managers of this REMAX office if you want additional details or copies of the e-mails please advise...

  • We had Marley as our agent and was patient and accommodating when we're trying to decide if we wanted to stay in the city or go farther out with land. She helped us through the process. She helped us find a great house in a great neighborhood.