PSP Military Housing

 PSP Military Housing

 200 De Niverville Private, Gloucester, ON K1V 7N5, Canada

 +1 613-521-2696

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  • PSP housing has always been great every time I had to deal with them. Super fast service (faster than other renting company), nice personnel and unbeatable price. People really like to complaints about them but whitout CFHA and PSP housing we will not be able to find something that nice for that cheap and please remember people treat you the way you treat them.

  • To be honest...1 star is too much for what this organization really is. They do everything except “serving the Canadian forces personnel”. All it matters for them, its your money. Very poor services with an unfriendly/incompetent staff. Took them a year to finally admit i had mould in the basement, sewage vapour and water infiltration. What was done....absolutely nothing, but telling me to go buy a dehumidifier. I’m paying 1205$ (Because I'm a WO) and I'm quite amaze, the fact that they’re aware of the problem before you move in and they cant provide you a dehumidifier or just fix the problem.

    I never ever write bad report...but they didn’t leave me the choice. I want to make sure nobody is treated the way i was, because as a serving member, we deserve quality services and some dignity. Bottom line, go rent somewhere else. They don't deserve money.

  • CFHA sets rules in place but doesn't enforce them. Additionally, after a complaint about the quality of life for animals n a neighbouring unit was filed, nothing was done on their part, not even a unit inspection, and they stated "we're monitoring the situation". Not sure how they do that being 100% uninvolved. Convenient, but poor quality units mostly.

  • We have had good service from PSPMH. Our emails and phone calls have been answered quickly when making any inquiries to the PSPMH office and any repair issues that we have had have been dealt with promptly.

  • Private forested walking trails perfect for walking your dog. Maintenance staff always fixes anything within 24 hours.