Princeton Place Apartments

Princeton Place Apartments

1021 Howay St, New Westminster, BC V3M 1Z9, Canada

+1 604-521-8831

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  • I've found them to be pretty helpful. We're definitely happier than we were at some of our old places. They do seem really busy, sometimes it takes a bit of prompting but for the most part things are done when they say they will be. Only reason for lower score is that I had mess done to some of my patio furniture by another tenant and they wouldn't send anyone to clean it up.

  • Most horrible landlords ever, aren't even worth one star. I don't think these landlords realise that there's actually people living in their apartments, cause they don't seem to have any regard for them at all.
    We moved in over two years ago. There's been tons of things wrong about our place and they never reply or contact you about it when you ask if they can do anything. I think we had it one time they actually showed up to fix our burst window after 6 months or so. They called us and told us they were going to do it right that second. We have a cat, so we're not happy about someone just showing up and replacing windows, possibly getting our cat out. When I got home my cat was beyond scared and had a knack in his tail.
    A little while ago we got a note on our door saying that this week, one specific day would be used for unnecessary change of carpet. They've now been working on it for three days and started construction at 7 in the morning on a Saturday. When they actually started out they left the carpet they took off the floor on the stairs like you can see in the picture. Total safety hazard, while they normally seem so concerned about that since they send a notice like 3 times a year that they might have to get into your apartment to check for fire safety, as well as sending us a notice before that we had to remove our DOORMAT from our balcony because it might be a fire hazard (its a normal doormat). And if we wouldn't remove it within two weeks they would be evicting us (this was actually an empty threat, but it's still is rather out of proportion)
    They're never there when you need them, we even tried calling them a couple of times last summer as an emergency because people from the third floor were throwing there cigarette butts down into the garden and it was creating a lot of soldering / smoking, close to escalating to a fire (see attached pictures as well). No one ever replied.
    They don't care for their tenants at all. They're never there when you need them. They only have regard for themselves and getting your money.

  • This apartment doesn't deserve 1 star . It's about 2 years that they made a big hole beside of my balcony and they never filled it out. ..since than alway mouses are coming in my apartment from that hole ...they don't care about tenant comfort . all they think about is money.

  • This office doesn't deserve even 1 Star. I wish there was a zero start i could give.
    They're so rude and disrespectful. They're not organized. They send their maintenance guys without providing any notice.

    I came home, and I saw that there is a whole mess on my floor and the maintenance guys are changing the cabinet. They came late around noon, and now this is 7:00 PM on Friday night, and they are still at my unit to change the cabinet.

    I hope someone from top management read this comment and make a change in terms of providing services.

  • Lived there around seven years with only minor complaints.

    It's an older building, but in reasonably good condition. Broken things got fixed in a reasonable timeframe. The neighborhood is nice and quiet, with easy access to shops.