Premiere Suites Victoria

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  • Nice units, kept quite clean. My wife and I found the apartments were completely move-in ready, and are quite comfortable, which allows you to settle in quite easily. The mattress is really comfortable, and we slept very well. The apartments kitchens are also equipped with all the supplies you need, so cooking is easy. With regard to the location itself, it's a 10-15 minute walk to the inner harbour, less to the harbour running paths, and a 2 minute walk to nearest plaza which has a grocery store, pharmacy, Starbucks, and much more. Lastly, the staff at Premiere check-in frequently and respond quickly when you contact them. This has been a fantastic experience!

  • I was pleasantly surprised at how well the suite was furnished with truly a fully equipped kitchen. Very comfortable and clean suite!

  • I first discovered Premiere Suites advertised on the City of Victoria's web-site, and figured if the City is recommending this organization then it must be good!

    I am extremely happy to say that the up front service and administration, and the excellent affordable long-term accommodation provided by Premiere Suites, Victoria deserves the 5-star rating in the true sense of the word! From the initial poont of contact via emails and telephone conversations; the coordination of booking our stay; the signing of the rental agreement; payment of deposit, the presentment of keys, the instructions with regard to the rental accommodation and the final key hand-off- Courtney Hilverda, Reservations Manager, Premiere Suites, Victoria ensured that our stay was exquisite in the true sense of the word! We really appreciated the personal touch (no Call Centres), and the western hospitality that was represented here and how we all felt truly welcomed to such a beautiful City as Victoria! Our thanks and appreciation is also extended to Dennis, who also went the extra mile in order to ensure that we were all settled into our accommodations as comfortably as possible for the month-long stay.

    Thanks to all of you for such a marvelous stay! We look forward to our return - same place, same time next year!

    All the best!
    Bev Streicher and family

  • I had the pleasure of having Premier Suites as my property management company. They were wonderful to work with. All the staff - Tracey, Dennis, Courtney and Bev were professional and assisted with any of my needs. Can’t wait to work with them again.

  • This is a difficult review to write. We were guests at two suites managed by Premiere Suites for over three months. We cannot speak to their management services.

    The first suite we stayed in was excellent. Generally clean, with good facilities and amenities. When we ran into a booking at that suite, we had to move to another suite. Everything at this second suite was sub-par; the location was noisy and dangerous, the space was limited, the amenities were fewer and lower quality. The suite lacked many things that you would need/expect for long stay accommodations, such as storage. After several weeks we finally got them to fix the dryer and install a used dresser for storage.

    Be aware that it really depends on what suite you get from them, and who the owner is, as they're just a management company. There are also significant limitations on what they can do to fix an issue. For example: the owner of our second suite didn't want to fix the dryer, so we had to wait weeks for them to diagnose, order parts, and repair. Then there's the strata management in each building. One night there was a party in the building that was keeping us up with excessive noise. Between Premiere and the strata company they were unable to do anything.

    There are several challenges with this service and we cannot recommend them over alternatives such as AirBnB, as it's basically just introducing another management level. If you're booking for 30 days it may be ok, but otherwise you'll run into other bookings if you're planning on staying longer. You cannot view the suites before renting - this is an issue as the photos on the website are, honestly, staged to make the spaces look bigger, and you can't see the quality of some things like appliances, window coverings, etc. The "luxury linens" they list, for example, are not - the sheets in our second unit were so used you could see through them and the cotton was pilling. The value can be good if you get a good unit, and the location works for you. I wouldn't say that they go out of the way, however, as their clients are also the owners (partners, they call them) of the suites they manage.