Premier Court

 Premier Court

 41 Speers Rd, Oakville, ON L6K 3R6, Canada

 +1 905-338-3342

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Apartments In Oakville – Oakville,ON

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  • The management is very friendly and they try to address tenant concerns in a timely fashion.
    The building seems to be constantly undergoing upgrades so the rent is increasing to match the renovations but little is done about the inconvenience during this process.
    The common areas are kept clean and orderly with cleaning supplies available for tenant use as well. This is good for the exercise and laundry rooms.

    Keep in mind while there is an exercise room, it is small with a low ceiling and only four machines available. All of them are for leg workouts. There are free weights available as well but it really feels like every day is leg day.
    That is, if you can even access the room in the morning. The doors are supposed to be unlocked by 9am but I am frequently unable to access them until 10am. Forget doing early morning workouts. The pool, exercise room and sauna are all under the same locked area.
    They have improved on this issue of unlocking the doors more regularly at the right time.

    Heating and cooling are fairly well dispersed through the units. Not always the most efficient layout but it's okay.

    Adequate amount of Laundry machines.

    Fantastic location, very close to Oakville Go station if you don't mind the hill. Ten minute walk.
    Convenient grocery store and just off Kerr street so you have access to many surrounding shops. All well within walking distance.

    Overall a good place to live if you can get into a decently priced unit.

  • Good building with good on site management. Always upgrading! Pool could be cleaner. Great area and great views.upgraded suites are nice. Safe and quiet . side views of condos next door not so great. Good location .clean and well kept laundry!