Port Elgin Municipal Tourist Camp

 Port Elgin Municipal Tourist Camp

 584 Bruce St, Port Elgin, ON N0H 2C1, Canada

 +1 519-832-2512


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  • Very clean quite park, people and staff are very friendly. Lots to do in town, very clean and towns people are friendly, they take pride in Port Elgin and it shows. Great place to camp. I deal for future seniors, to locate. People there take very great care of there units. Baseball park was great, very well used, so was able to watch games all weekend long.
    Cons! Electric power not enough for very big trailers, example, you have the A/C on and try to use other electrical devices and it shorts out. That's why.
    WIFI, only in the front office. Camp is owned and operated by town, a number of people have requested more WIFI, not sure if they will comply. Had two teens in summer school online so they had to go to the office, met up with a senior who let us use her WIFI, so my kids were able to get there work done. Goes to show you how wonderful the folks are?

  • Good mini vacation get away. Port Elgin is a great little town. Seriously tourism in the summer. Worth the drive to check it all out. Many little shops and things to see and do. Not really a place for teens. But it is a great family get away or vacation.

  • Yikes. Why they call this a Tourist camp is beyond me. It's a trailer park with 6 or so ugly spots for overnight campers. Cramped, muddy, uncomfortable. We didn't stay. Staff was nice so they deserve stars.