Pinegrove Manor Apartments

 Pinegrove Manor Apartments

 1456 Ahbau St, Prince George, BC V2M 3S3, Canada

 +1 250-277-3508

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Apartments In Prince George – Prince George,BC

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  • Lived here for more than 2 years. Became an awful place to live after management changed some months ago. Property and premises are not safe. Used to be a nice place to live but suspicious activities have now become routine. New manager is arrogant, completely lacks professionalism, friendliness, and empathy. The manager himself admits that building security is worse at pine grove manor buildings but just won’t do anything about it. But rents had increased twice and is significantly higher than similar properties in this neighbourhood.
    We moved out last month and I do not recommend this place at all!

  • I lived here a few years back, and the apartments were fairly run down. In the winter months, snow removal was better here than most Kelson owned apartments, however, it was still an issue. Lastly, management was not the best in the world either. Bob the manager can be incredibly challenging to deal with.