Pierogi House

 Pierogi House

 4336 King St E, Kitchener, ON N2P 3W6, Canada

 +1 519-219-2226


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  • I was staying at the hotel across the street and found the Pierogi House on Google Maps. I had 1/2 potato and cheddar and 1/2 meat (pork and chicken) and it was delicious. The owner was very friendly and she informed me that the food was all natural and the ingredients came from local farmers. I can't wait to eat there again!

  • This was the first time I came to Pierogi House! Awesome pierogies... and I tried the Pickle soup! Amazing! I love pickles. Staff was great and very patient with me asking a lot of questions.

  • Perogies are great! I would reccomend going into the store as skip seems to lose half the order every time I order from skip. Nothing against the store as they assure me each time the order was fulfilled. I think this is an issue with skip. The side salads are delicious as well.

  • Delicious food!!! Authentic Polish taste of perogies and salads (per Polish Husband). Employee was really friendly and explained how the menu worked. Will definitely be back and highly recommend!

  • Went in today for the first time and it definitely hit the spot. I usually go to the farmers market for pierogies but being that it is the winter and they are closed tuesdays, I had to give this place a try. The pierogies were delicious however I wasn't the biggest fan of the sides of coleslaw and beets that came with the order. My total was 15 dollars all in for 9 pierogies and 2 sides which I found to be a bit expensive. Although I appreciate they are homemade and take time, I wish there was a more affordable option for just pierogies without sides. I did ask and was told they have an option of I believe it is 4 pierogies for 5.99 which even then seemed like a lot to me. I also think it would be wise to do a lunch special of some sort or maybe even an assorted option to give you the possibility of trying a new flavour you have not before.