Pickwick Cottages

 Pickwick Cottages

 21 1st Ave S, Sauble Beach, ON N0H 2G0, Canada

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  • Love love this place! On the beach but enough away from the water to not be paranoid with the kids. Clean and comfy. Highly recommended!


    Sauble Beach is fantastic and we had a blast out and about as usual. But our accommodations left us feeling cheated. The wifi was a pretty far walk from the Cabin. We would not have rented that cabin AT ALL if we had been told some very important things. We were not told that the hot water only works in The bathroom and only after a very literal 15 minutes of running. We were not told 15 feet from our cabin would be a playground which parents all sent their kids when they got rowdy to play on a playground that was not built up to code. It was made of wood and every time someone moved on the swings it Made awful screeching sounds that were like nails on a chalkboard through five megaphones and could not be blocked out no matter where you were in the cabin. And worse, outside where one would think they could sit with music and drinks and a fire, but it was SOOO CLOSE! AT one point a family from four cabins down decided to set up a volleyball net 5 feet from where we were sitting so 6 kids could bounce balls around in our faces and we had to put our foot down and say it like it was. It was not relaxing and we found ourselves being forced to go elsewhere even when it was time to relax. It felt like being a babysitter 4 parents who were relaxing peacefully over Yonder in there own cabins. It created tension around the place that was very uncomfortable and many times we thought of asking for our money back. The pictures we were shown of the cabin inside and out were detailed yet left out the playground so close. False advertising. We should have been shown this sad 'feature' in the pics and warned about the precarious scenario we were paying so much for. When we talked to management (new owners, by the way) were brushed off like the change from the dollar bills that were all this guy clearly cared about. We were polite to him and felt we were laughed at. We have stayed at Pickwick many times under previous management in different cabins on a very different part of the area but that was like a different planet and it was a different Time of year. It was amazing. If you can get the cabins on the beach go for it, it's worth the price. Don't go to cabin 13 on the other side of the main road.

  • Cottages need to be renovated. Mould in the bathrooms. Seems like its starting to fall apart.

    Edit: Thank you for your response to my review.
    This is most definitely the correct business.
    I was a guest at your properties from 2013-2017, however it was not under my name...Each of these visits the flooring in cottage number 14 specifically was disgusting (mould). You may very well have fixed this issue since my last visit in 2017, but my experience here for those 4-5 summers was not pleasant, hence the 3 star review.

  • This is beautiful cottage. Some come with age and character with pretty much everything you need to enjoy your vacation. It's a good getaway from home spot. Sand up to your porch with fire close to each trailer. All treed in with breaks between to see the stars. For the most part all equipt inside including fans and tvs pots pans ect. The beach is the best part miles of sand. You can walk out a long ways and nothing but sand. If you go off to the south of the property there are massive rocks way out in the water you would need canoe or kayak to get to it. There are miles of beach to walk down right off your porch and town is a nice little bike ride away. Nice little private relaxing spot. The owner is alright i guess. Im just kidding he was very helpful down to earth and made sure we had what we needed. It really is a gem for family's or couples once you give it a chance it really is a spot we would like to return to. The muskoka feel without the long haul. Owen sound not far away has the most amazing waterfall in our area called indian falls worth the trip. And of course the sauble falls.

  • Where do I even start with pickwick cottages....
    The first thing that I think of is how I cant wait to come back with my family!

    We rented cottage  number 3. It is the newest addition and updated. it had a home feel to it! It was the perfect fit for my husband ,daughter, her friend and myself. The girls had a good laugh at the size of their room but it was only to sleep in as there  was so much to do all day they didnt need to spend time in the bedroom.

    The owner met us there. Glen is really down to earth and genuine. In the short time we met with him he made sure we had everything we needed and didnt just brush us off.

    The beach..... just perfect! Sunsets are beautiful! We were  lucky enough to have brought our own kayaks and man was it worth it. The water was like glass..... you can go out so far and still see the bottom it's perfectly clear!  Our 12 year olds could walk out so far with out being deep. Perfect beach!

    Yes the cabins are close together but what do you expect? Take a look at any other cottages anywhere. Its the same thing.

    It's in the perfect spot. We were able to take a bike ride into town to shop. This is such a great spot and I could go on and on about it but you will have to see for your self.

    Cant wait to bring my family back again!