Payzant Home Hardware Building Centre

 Payzant Home Hardware Building Centre

 250 Sackville Dr, Lower Sackville, NS B4C 2R4, Canada

 +1 902-864-0000

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  • Since their major reno. This store has a lot more to offer and also has a fantastic enclosed wood yard with a helpful staff. They have also added pricing for store cuts which makes life easy.

  • Great staff whom are very friendly and knowledgable. One of the last true hardware stores imo. Also will sell damaged drywall and other things if you only need small amount for cheap.

  • Every time I go in to get a product, they rarely have it. My husband went in today for something. It rang up wrong and the cashier just said, “oh well, that’s what it is ringing up as”. This is about the 6th time an incident like this has happened. The staff do not care or want to help. Will NOT be going back and will share our experience. I come from a retail background and pride myself with treating the customer as the number one! We want to shop the small shops,but it’s hard to do when they don’t care as much as we do!

  • A few times that I have gone to purchase lumber the staff in the yard were less than helpful. On separate occasions they asked if I was sure that was what I wanted with the piece of lumber in my hand to ensure the match. The younger staff sat on his phone hidden on a step and seemed bothered that I needed to ask him a question. Still playing on his phone as he walked towards me then proceeded that I would have to purchase a 2x4 and saw it to get the dimensions I wanted. Another gentleman called me Missy. Not too impressive for me to spend my money there.