Panadew Property Management

 Panadew Property Management

 256 Wellington St, Kingston, ON K7K 2Z1, Canada

 +1 613-548-4795

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Bachelor Apartment Kingston – Kingston,ON

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  • Lived in a Panadew managed property for a 7-year period and had a great experience. All my service requests were consistently addressed in a timely fashion by either Panadew employees or independent contractors. General building maintenance was performed on a routine basis and the management company was great about keeping up with general apartment maintenance for even minor issues. Communication was always prompt, polite, and professional. Overall: they're a competent, well-established group who are a delight to interact with. What more can you ask for?

  • Panadew has been utterly professional from day one that I contacted them to help me from outside the country. I rest assured knowing that they are caring for my home while out of Canada. Thank you for the peace of mind.

  • Excellent organization
    Competent and professional
    Great communications
    Invoices and related items always on time and accurate
    Maintenance always done efficiently and quickly.
    Would recommend Panadew to others

  • Rented us a place with a moldy bathroom where the ceiling continuously collapsed. They kept tacking up pieces of drywall, which would begin to mold a week later and collapse again. Never addressed the actual problem. Absolute trash.

    Edit: I am not surprised you've lost the record. That seems perfectly in line with my experience with Panadew. This was not posted in error.

  • My wife and I have rented from Panadew for over 3 years and they're absolutely wonderful. They're quick on addressing any issues and are very understanding of frustrations that arise when a repair takes a while. (Someone broke into our mailboxes, took a while to fix. Not Panadew's fault) They're always quick to reply to e-mails about the little things too, which is quite nice. The general areas of our building are always kept nice and clean as well. I would recommend Panadew to anyone looking for a rental. :)