Palisades Garden Apartments

 Palisades Garden Apartments

 1452 Center Ave # 1, Fort Lee, NJ 07024, USA

 +1 201-944-3144

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  • Some of these apartments are rent controlled, as per the town ordinance. If you think that sounds like a deal, think again: the property manager will ask how much rent you pay, if, for example, your heat fails. How do I know? I worked for one of the NUMEROUS property management companies that has bought this failing, rotting apartment complex over scores of years.
    It would be a decent place if only a competant management company would run it properly.
    As for my rent controlled apartment, no apartment is worth a dime when you are scraping the ice off the inside of your windows with the scraper from your car. I don't know who manages this place now, but under AIMCO, it was treated like a pit.

  • Be nice if the super was competent and actually fixed problems in time. 40 phone calls later and a simple leaky faucet can't even be repaired. The neighbors are loud and obnoxious, right next to a main road and these walls aren't exactly sound proof. Hope you like the sound of whaling cars at 3 in the morning because that what you're paying for. The cost definitely doesn't justify the mediocre service and maintenance done here. Do yourself a favor rent elsewhere

  • The super Gaby is amazing. The Leasing office really do not care about the tenants. I seen 4 large Mouse in my Apartment On and off since October 29 2017 , it was resolve then the mouse/ Rat came back in 2018. July 2 2019 I seen the mouse again and I had enough which I had to sleep in my car because I was scared and get rid of all my food for the fourth time. I moved out July12, 2019 and today is August 7, 2019 I still have not received my deposit when I called the leasing regarding my deposit she never submitted my file to Teresa since July 12,2019. It a health hazard to live with mouse period.