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 Olympia Homes

 1 Peever Pl, Carleton Place, ON K7C 0K5, Canada

 +1 613-257-4555


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  • Can't beat the value and great local tradesman working on the homes. the care that goes into the build are obvious.

  • Good quality homes for a decent price. I would of given 5 stars but the organization in the office is terrible and difficult to deal with. I had to remind them of the upcoming closing and still the paperwork was barely ready on time.

  • Dealing with this builder has been a nightmare...he is rude and disrespectful and has failed to successfully communicate since our purchase. We have been fighting to have a deck repaired that failed building code and was promised to be repaired by end of October...today is Novemeber 1st and they have yet to contact us(and the other homes on my street with same issue) They still havent paid my Realtor and our closing date was in August. We have other issues that have never been dealt with as well and I'm just beyond disappointed with their workmanship.
    Buyer beware and make sure you get references from recent homebuyers...and I'm still waiting for stairs to be put on my deck that we paid for as an upgrade...

  • We've got stuck with our friends' stuff in our basement for HALF A YEAR while they were waiting for their house with no meaningful closing day. From here make your own conclusions.

  • Great houses, nice people at their head office. The standard finishes they have are beautiful... More then you will get anywhere else. Highly recommend!