Olympia Court Apartments

Olympia Court Apartments

72 Alison Ave, Cambridge, ON N1R 1N2, Canada

+1 519-241-0719


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Apartment In Cambridge – Cambridge, ON

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  • Not worth your money! This is an old building where bikes get stolen. The building has a really old heating system so you need extra heaters! The building has older tenants smoking in their apartment that makes your corridor smelly! There isn't enough storage space in the unit and the staircases aren't cleaned - you can see cobwebs! The superintendent is a nice guy but the building does not get any upgrades/renovations at all by Williams McDaniel. There were literally bugs covering all of the entrance door. There's no ramp to the elevator so the building does not have access for disabled people either. Mould constantly grows inside apartments as well..Pathetic!
    You can also hear the train inside your apartment, it shakes the complete building and you feel the vibration. They are trying to rent out 2 bedrooms for $1200 plus /month but trust me you can find a much better town house for thus price. Mostly occupants are paying less than $950 per month...

  • I have lived here for 6 years now and enjoy living here. Like all buildings it has its ups and downs but with the new supers it's moving in a much better direction than what it was when we moved in. Alot of things have changed and we find that the building has gotten much quieter. The supers are amazing to deal with and they try their hardest to keep everyone happy. If they have to fix a problem they will do their best to fix it in a reasonable time frame.