Old Fort Erie

Old Fort Erie

350 Lakeshore Rd, Fort Erie, ON L2A 1B1, Canada

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  • If you're local, or a visitor from out of town, it's worth it to take a stop at the Old Fort. So much amazing history to indulge in, with some unbelievable and unique artifacts that are just amazing. The staff clearly love their jobs so much as they get fully into each of their characters. It's truly a magnificent sight to see and a very warm atmosphere!

  • It's a good place to bring the family. We had a very helpful and knowledgeable guide for our visit.Many great costumes or people dressed era-specific. Live musket displays! Lovely experience. The guide was v. Enthusiastic and was thorough with his explanation of the fort and its history. There was a guided portion and also time to roam the grounds on our own. Lots of history here. Recommended.

  • I went here last Tuesday and it was great. It's off season now because the weather is getting colder by days so there were not so many visitors around but it was still amazing to be there. The admission ticket for adult is around 13cad. And it will take you around one hour to finish with the tour. They will start with a movie screening at the beginning and will walk around the fort afterwards. My guide name was Oliver and he explained us many things. The fort was still intact and still in a good shape here and there. We got to see the musket demonstration and there's another young man wearing the American uniform. It's interesting to see the contrast. The kitchen was probably the most fun one. I love how we can see their cooking equipment. And we also got to taste their cookies. There's also an exhibit at the admission center you can check out while waiting for your tour.

  • An amazing interactive experience of the history of Canada. The team was amazing and the life in the fort seeing cooking keeping warm real wood ovens cooking and moving timber on wooden wheel barrows

  • Old Fort Erie is one of the Jewels left over from the War of 1812. Right after the French and Indian Wars the British decided to protect their frontier. So they decided to be pro-active about their territory. Originally built in 1764, the Fort was a couple of Blockhouses surrounded by a Wooden Palisade. The winter played havoc on it and damaged the Fort beyond repair. It was then decided to build a new one made of stone, which is located right behind where the original one was. Work was started around 1803, but still was not completed by the start of the war. The Fort had action throughout the 1812 Campaign, with it changing hands a few times. Later in History it saw action during the Fenian Rebellion of 1866. Go for a visit during the 1812 Re-enactment weekend in early August. An exciting action packed event. You will definitely enjoy your experience! ???