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  • I have lived in Ocean Breeze Village for 20 years, so obviously I consider it my home and I love it here. It feels like a country neighbourhood even though it's part of the city.

    The management and staff have changed over the years but they've always been courteous and prompt to take care of any concerns or work orders, not that I've had that many.

    What moved me to write a review, after all these years, is the amazing customer service my daughter received from Corey Barton, the property manager. You see, my daughter needed a 3 bedroom townhouse for July 1st but only 4 bedroom ones were available. Corey, with the help of his rental agent, reorganized and shifted some things. They managed to find my daughter, a 3 bedroom townhouse available July 1st, for which she signed a lease this afternoon.

    Truly outstanding customer service. Many thanks to Corey and his team.

  • Have a friend that lives here, and it seems to be a great neighborhood... Property is usually taken care of aswell. Looking forward to stopping by again (:

  • 11 mice in our home since may 8th 2019
    Thank God for our cat!
    I was ignored by the exterminator when I tried bringing our situation to his attention.
    Disgusting nothing done to fix our issue

  • Been living here just shy of 5 years, we have next to no complaints. Cory Barton and his staff are kind and courteous even at the worst of times. Our little family was facing some struggles earlier this year, Tammy at the rental office assisted us every step of the way, clarifying and supporting us through our troubles which at the time was truly a god send! Very compassionate!

    When we settled in after a year or so, we noticed there were mice, totally expected being this close to wildlife! Don't like bugs or country living...stay out of the woods! However, sharing our thoughts with the rental office they assigned an exterminator who handled it quickly, there the next day.

    We reached out to the management team about issues with our appliances. They asked for permission to enter, like they do every time by law, in case we weren't home as my husband and I both work. They came in inspected the appliances and drew the conclusion we would need a bit more assistance then handy service. Cory called and apologized but the specialist they have a contract with cannot be reached. He offered a couple options and was apologetic for the delay. To which he wasn't even in control of.

    Jackie and the guys always smiling, friendly and trustworthy are quick to help out with your concerns. From household repairs to property management they address it all. I've seen them all out after windstorms, heat waves, snow storms, enduring all kinds of weather to maintain a higher standard. For this I applaud them! Permission for entry is a necessary evil. But if you have any concerns, need extra time before entry to answer because you're hard of hearing or a pet that have an unpredictable reaction, you can communicate these concerns. I had family stay with me for a year, accomdations of the likes were necessary for us. Jackie and the guys were wonderful and respected the new boundaries!

    We love this place, renamed perfectly to ocean breeze village! We have played hide and seek in the woods, witnessed wildlife from our living room windows, and grown to love this community. A community tucked away in a beautiful corner. Lot's of kids, very family friendly!

    The management team here fights to keep it that way, as they have family & friends here too. Personally invested in their work it gives an air of closeness you can't find just any place! At any given time of day you can see the whole team, including property manager Cory, walking the streets tending to their clients needs. I can't imagine the circus it is managing each unit but they do it.

    I reccomend this place to everyone thats looking, have had a couple take me up on that and they've no regrets.

  • My husband and I have lived here for almost 9 yrs. We have had no issues that havent been resolved in a timely manner. We even had an issue one Christmas Day eve. And it was handled that night with no problem. My kids play here with no troubles and people are neighbourly for the most part! It is a very big space so there is so many differences around and the scenery is beautiful!
    Tammy and Jackie are so understanding, compassionate and great to work with!
    All the employees have been warm and amazing!