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  • I viewed an apartment at Novare and subsequently applied for residency. A few days afterward, I asked for an update on my application.

    I received an approval for an apartment that was more than what was quoted to me initially with a move-in date a month later than what was suggested previously.

    I inquired further to the discrepancies and was notified that the previous apartment I viewed had been rented to another applicant and that I was being offered another. I was also told that I could view this other apartment that day if needed.

    Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to leave work and view something within such short notice, I asked to see a layout/floor plan of the apartment so that I know I would have confirmation that I was renting an apartment that was at least similar to what I asked. Afterward, I would make arrangements on a different day to come in and sign. They agreed to send a floor plan over soon but I never received one.

    A day later, I had still received no response. More than 48 hours later, I received another email notifying me that they had given away the apartment that they had already approved me for.

    I felt like this was unprofessional and disrespectful. I had every intention of taking it but was never given the opportunity to confirm that it was the same apartment that I had asked for. I felt like I was being strong armed into taking any apartment that they gave me without the due diligence of allowing me to verify it.

  • Great looking property but the price per square foot and the additional cost for amenities make it difficult to budget.

  • i wish I could give 0 star. The previous management was very professional but lately the new management is just a scam.
    these people treat you nicely when they want you as tenant, but will show their true colors when you leave by ripping off money for unknown charges. Avoid them completely.