Northview Apartment REIT Prince George Office

 Northview Apartment REIT Prince George Office

 1855 3rd Ave, Prince George, BC V2M 5K4, Canada

 +1 250-562-9048

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  • Not very clean por managing 4 people i now got tagged with cleaning cost 6 months later all 4 did not get damega dipossed back.

  • Terrible management, I urgently needed a place to move in too and got everything together to apply here and was told everything was good and that I would receive an email the next day. I messaged after not receiving an email so I wrote a follow up email and again the day after. They don't reply on the weekend which is understandable but it's been over a month and there is still no reply after 3 follow ups and I ended up choosing a more renter friendly apartment.

  • My name is Neal MacDonald, and I own/operate a moving company in Prince George. Last Thursday we had the unpleasant experience of moving a client out of Ceder Towers. We began by getting our truck set up at the back of the building to begin loading. This is where we were introduced to Luc the new apartment manager. He informed us that we were parked in the wrong spot and asked us to move the truck out front. On past moves we were asked to park in the rear of the building. That's okay, new manager, new rules, we were happy to comply. Once we were set up out front, we asked him for the key to lock out the elevator. He informed us that because our client/his tenant owed money for rent, he wouldn't let us use it. This presented a problem, without the key, the elevator door tries to close every 10 seconds, making it very difficult for us to do our job efficiently. He then proceeded to tell us that if we blocked the elevator doors, and damaged them, that our client would be responsible for paying for the repairs at a rate of $300.00 per hour. This, by the way, is something I would never do because I know that you can't block an elevator. He was setting us up to fail. His logic didn't make any sense to me. We were there to move our client/his problem tenant out of the building. We were apart of the solution, not the problem.
    We were about halfway though loading the truck, When he told us we couldn't leave the front door open unattended, because of the "crackheads getting in". Okay there wasn't that much left, so we decided to close the front door, and stack things in the large lobby, then open up the door and move it to our truck, that way we could keep an eye on the front door. We had just finished bringing everything down, and were about to move it to the truck, when a woman walked through the front door and told us we couldn't stack things in the lobby. I asked her who she was, she informed me she was the manager. I told her that We were just in the process of moving it to the truck. She seemed unimpressed by this, and remained confrontational. We were in and out of this building in under an hour. All of these events took place in that time frame.
    In summery, our job is hard enough, without having 2 managers hassling us the whole time. I've been moving clients around Prince George for 25 years. I've literally moved thousands of people. I've had to put up with the odd cranky apartment manager, but never anything like this. These "managers' were unprofessional, short sighted, and vindictive.
    Because of this experience we are taking extreme and unprecedented measures. I'm having to inform our clients that we will be unable to provide our service Ceder Towers under the direction of the current management.
    If you are a trades person thinking of taking a job in this building, there are better jobs, it's not worth the hassle.
    If you are a prospective tenant, don't take this apartment, it will end badly.
    Nice building, wrong management.

    Neal MacDonald, City Secondhand Movers

  • We had the pleasure of dealing with Mariea who was the ephinany of great customer service. She went out of her way to accommodate us and even met with us in her off hours to do the move in inspection. She took care of any concerns we had immediately. The building is clean, quiet and well managed. Thank you Mariea for being so wonderful.