Northview Apartment REIT Nanaimo Office

Northview Apartment REIT Nanaimo Office

149 Wakesiah Ave #103, Nanaimo, BC V9R 3K1, Canada

+1 250-755-1633

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  • They don't care about their residents. If you need something fixed, keys replaced, etc., they take months to remedy the issue. The office staff is rude (but the maintenance guys are great). Busted stairways, decks, poor roadway clearing during the winter (if it's done at all) The only way to get things done is to contact their Head Office.

    Of course, if they need something from YOU, they're right on it.

    Upon moving in, the apartment was dirty. I've been told by more than a few former residents that no matter how well tbe suites get cleaned and fixed up, they never give full deposits back.

    I've heard that Northview is an excellent property management company everywhere else - just not in Nanaimo.

  • Did not even bother to clear up the snow at the apartments parking lot/driveways. Poor elders getting hard time to get to their cars or walk outside. I have seen two seniors this morning shovelling the snow just to have their car get out of the parking lot.

  • Unfortunately my experience with this management company was frustrating, pointless, and somewhat misleading. In November of2018 I applied for several suites and had one veiwing finally scheduled only to be told that it was cancelled as a previous applicant had been approved. I made other housing arrangements from then until the early spring of 2019 when I picked up my apartmpent search again.. After sending in application request and or veiwing requests from multiple apps for multiple apartments I was finally driven to asking what exactly I had to do to get a simple response acknowledging receipt of my request for veiwing, as not one of my current emails or info requests from apps had been replied to. I was quite serious in My request though as I thought perhaps there was some step I had missed and that was why there was no response ever. The response from the local company representative was less then apologetic. In it he intimated that I had had many responses from the company. I guess I had if you count the ones from October & November. However there was no acknowledgement of the many many requests for viewing I had sent off in the previous 6 weeks. And the tone of the email was condescending and annoyed, as though I had committed some terrible faux pas in asking for some guidance in getting a veiwing. He reiterated the fact that the company doesn't do waiting lists, but then goes on to tell me that the company does allow people to be "preapproved" thereby putting them on a waiting list for a vacant unit in the building they hope to move into. So the whole waiting list policy is obviously in invention of convenience. I realise there is a rental housing shortage that has made finding a home an incredible challenge and extremely stressful. It would be nice if this company could use it's position in the rental business to ease the minds of the potential clients it encounters. However my experience has left me distrustful, suspicious and dissapointed. I hope others weren't so difficult.