Morning Star Apartments

 Morning Star Apartments

 3420 Morning Star Dr, Mississauga, ON L4T 1X9, Canada

 +1 905-677-8854

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  • Roaches every where, even in elevator and I came to see the unit for rent the staff was rude I asked some questions to Indian lady over there and she started shouting on me. No customer service. Treating you like you are not paying for the unit.

  • Unit Pricing - Ad vs. Reality

    This isn’t a review on the building more of an fyi before you go and view. Every ad I’ve seen for these apartments have advertised a 1 bedroom unit for $1,480 and a 2 bedroom for $1,655.

    They’re in the process of updating thier building and it looks really nice but the 1 bedroom is now $1,700 a month and the 2 bedroom is $1,900 a month!

    I asked the staff why they don’t change their ads and they said that since the ad says “$1,480 and up” it’s okay to advertise that price EVEN THOUGH even a bachelor unit costs more than $1,480!

    Since they won’t update their ads I’m hoping this review will save you time if $1,700 is out of your budget!

  • Very unprofessional company. Give them money gram for 1st and last month over 4k for 2 bedroom and application was declined no reason and could not call me back. I had to call serveral times before I was asked to come pick it up on the 6th day.
    Kindly look for something else where. very unprofessional.