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  • Suites are nice but not super fancy. I have one of two hypoallergenic suites with hardwood floors and newer furniture. Lobby and common areas are great. Building has many conveniences including a good restaurant, gym with pool, grocery store, drug store, dry cleaner, food court (during the day only) and coffee shop. Even a single vineyard wine store and flower shop. If you get snowed in, you're covered! Its also pretty convenient to downtown areas including bank street and parliament. I would have given it 4.5 starts if I could have.

  • No customer service. Barely any staff to answer the telephones during business hours. When female sales manager does answer, is totally unhelpful, fails to answer simple questions about type of room available, size of room available, single or double bed, time for check outs, amenities, rates, length of rental, etc. As the conversation goes on, female sales manager gets more and more rude and condescending. She should not be treating anyone in poor & disrespectful manner. She should be retrained. Minto one80five really needs improvement!

  • Avoid parking there at all cost !!!!! I was charged $20 for 1 hour and 15 minutes.... seriously this is a ripoff. Do they seriously think their underground parking garage is as valuable as those in NYC.

  • The spaces are small and DON'T MAKE SENSE like why is my fridge opening blocking my door, BUT, price is nice location good.

  • So Many Issue. The building is in a good downtown location though and has great amenities and nicely appointed common areas. Unfortunately, the unit I live in is very tired and run down. The workmanship throughout the entire apartment is surprisingly subpar for this price point along with the messy paint job that covers everything.

    The old AC runs off motion sensors so apt is hot. There are constant disturbances and construction notices every week. And the biggest gripe is with the floors – they are covered with cheap paint splattered vinyl laid over very uneven and bumpy concrete. Meaning every single piece of furniture is wobbly and unsteady. Several large bumps in the living area makes it impossible to place the dining room table and chairs. The vinyl flooring is poorly cut and doesn’t always reach the old worn dry wall.

    The unit is spacious however with large closets and upgraded bathrooms, but it is a far far cry from being a “premium” rental that Minto brands this place as. If it were not for the updated kitchen in my unit, I would say the apartment is comparable to my old 1980’s apartment in Centertown that cost me half the price, less the amenities.

    As well, the older concierge that works evenings is very unpleasant. Anytime we have guests over they always complain about how rude he is to them.