80 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E 1T4, Canada

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Toronto Condo Market – Toronto,ON

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  • Our go to supermarket for all our groceries. It’s open 24 hours and conveniently located. They’re well stocked and have a good range of products. Most of their standard fresh produce is great, but I’ve noticed at times some of their fruits/vegetables are not of the best quality, especially their tropical fruits like Papaya’s and the small avocado’s, which I would buy regularly. Sometimes I’ve noticed the Papaya’s have a weird texture and flavour once cut, even though they look perfectly ripe from the outside. This happened with the small avocados in a bag as well and they wouldn’t ripen properly even when kept for more than a week or two in a brown paper bag, which I found very strange. And then there were the bagged small red onions, half of which were visibly rotting in the bag. I try and avoid buying those from here if I can, since I find them at St.Lawrence market for much cheaper and better quality. I did write to Metro’s customer care via their website and I was informed that they’d let the store know and I could speak to the management at the store in the future, which I haven’t done so far because I don’t buy these there very often, but when I do I’ve still found the same issue with the Papaya at times. All in all I enjoy shopping at Metro for all my other groceries.

  • It is good place to shop your daily food. Pretty high price a bit but the location is convenient. People standing in long line at 6-8pm usually

  • Looks like they have a good variety of products and they also serve craft beer.
    I was going to do my shopping there, but the staff we rude so I left.
    I had a question, and there were no available staff, so I waited in the line.
    When I got to the top, I asked the cashier if they sold cigarettes.
    - "No."
    - "Okay, is there another store nearby?"
    - "Outside!" he said and pointed to the door.
    (no 'hello', no 'how can I help you?' not even "I'm not sure, maybe try DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET.")
    So I just left and did my shopping elsewhere (where the staff were polite and helpful!!).

  • Good selection but a bit pricey compared to other locations such as college. It is still a good option for those who want to get a snack or do an improvised picnic before going to Toronto Island. Plus they sell a selection of Ontario beers and the LCBO is not far too.

  • I order everything online and barely visit stores. With the changing times one of the best things about going to grocery store or any store is that it is open when you need it and has what you want. Metro is open 24/7 and is always stocked with the things I want. It makes it very convenient for me to choose to go to this place instead of others