Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre

 Merrett Home Hardware Building Centre

 1460 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough, ON K9J 2A2, Canada

 +1 705-743-3553

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  • The staff are generally pretty good here, but I find they never have what I'm looking for. The fact that I always come back when I'm looking for stuff is a testament to the pleasant nature of this store.

  • I brought in a snow blower for repair and it couldn't be fixed so they refunded my money and were really honest about the problem. What a great local business that is so much nicer to deal with than the big box chains! Thanks

  • Great deals on great stuff to fix and rebuild your home. Look for the Flyers great deals on all your building deals!

  • Avoid this location if you can help it!

    It's incredibly inconvenient to shop through and is not organized well at all! And that has nothing to do with being under construction.

    Not to mention, nobody knows what you're talking about when you ask for something - the front desk sends you to the back desk (Customer Service), and the back desk sends you to the front cash! You have to go upstairs (NO ACCESSIBILITY) to get to toilets, sinks, taps, kitchen/bath fittings or to talk to someone about them. As mentioned above, it's incredibly inconvenient to shop.

    Staff is sort of friendly, but more concerned with assisting the contractors coming in than the rest of the customers.

    Again, I would avoid this location if you can.

  • Hit and miss, deliveries come late, weve had 20 bad trusses which came a week late, at the wrong pitch and lots of other issues. If you dealing with them supplying materials based on prints.. be careful.