McCowan Apartments

 McCowan Apartments

 370 McCowan Rd, Scarborough, ON M1J 1J3, Canada

 +1 416-266-7025

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  • The heating in this building is the worst. Building Maintenance people "check" the temperature of the unit when its not even cold outside to tell you that the unit temperature is within how its supposed to be. (How about those cold winter nights that you would have to get up in the middle of the night to turn your own portable heater on *that you pay your own hydro for*) Moved in this building after a tenant of 10 years previous to us, with the promise of renovation through the unit after occupancy. It took almost 2 years within the tenancy for the bathroom floors to be replaced (after I had to write a letter to remind the management about the status of our washroom floors) despite of the promise between myself and the building superintendent that renovation will occur. The kitchen cupboards are disgusting with dead cockroaches from previous tenant's occupancy. (Health hazard for my family, that up to this day, no action has been taken) The day we moved in here, there were cockroaches all over the place, hidden behind fridges, stoves and cabinets. Molds were in the bathroom tiles, floors are scratched, dirty and such. Capreit needs to take action immediately for all the tenants' problem is the heat within the building. IT IS TOO COLD. When are you going to listen to our needs?. Management and Building superintendents need to listen to tenants' voices and take action immediately. WE PAY OUR RENT, listen to our voices too.

  • This place is infested with roaches and mice. Building management does nothing to keep the building clean. This building smells really bad with all the infestation. Don't keep anything in the kitchen cabinet as they may contain remains of dead roaches. Stay away from this place if you can. Mice get through the holes between the two units. The building maintenance put mouse trap and net but it doesn't work at all. There are mouse dropping due to the infestation that would cause health hazard. Right from the basement, to the elevator and building hallway, everything is unclean and dirty.

  • Very nasty building and management !!! Try to avoid this apartment building if you have scope. Everywhere you will find filthy things scattered. The floor Carpets is filled with pees and poos of pets. Drunkards throw cans from tops at night . Taste and Quality of living of residents is below below average Building management just look for ways to cut tenants' pockets. The bathroom fittings and glass windows became old but if fell down, you have to pay. During winter, heating system is just miserable, you just have to shiver in cold. The lady manager (chinese origin) come and look for tenants' faults.

  • Roaches everywhere, Management isnt doing anything to resolve this, they live in the cupboards, traps wont help.