Maybrook Garden Apartments

 Maybrook Garden Apartments

 34 Maybrook Dr, Maywood, NJ 07607, USA

 +1 201-843-5282

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  • 11-22-2018.....If Google allowed it, I would only give half a star because I only like that I have my own assigned parking. I moved here back in April, it’s been 7 months and they have never fixed or replaced any of the things that I have asked them to. 3 months into move in date my wife and I noticed cockaroaches. I’ve made complaints about this and they had me sign a document saying they would have a exterminator come and take care of the situation. They never did anything about it. I had to go out my own way and hire a exterminator myself to get the job done. Also, you cannot control the heat in the apartment, like today it’s so hot in my apartment. I can’t utilize my air conditioner because it’s broken and I was told that they won’t be replacing it until the summer. There is 0 service here and I highly do not recommend it. For another $200 dollars I can live in a finished modern apartment; which I plan to do because I certainly will not be re leasing here. Lastly, the tenant that lives downstairs is extreme Filthy! She is a huge smoker and has no regard for anyone else’s health. She smokes outside on the porch about 2-3 packs a day. In the summer time the air conditioner would suck in her cancer right into my apartment, let alone to just leave the window open during summer nights. Yet again the office will not do anything about it. Maybrook Garden is basically the Projects in a nice town.

    If you are reading this, I really do not recommend you to get yourself into these apartments

  • This place of all near by apartments is one of the worst. Management keeps changing. Every management does not employee enough workers to take care of large number of apartments. They take your money and fine you if you make late payment but you should sit in your house without help from super and workers if needed. They do not maintain any apartments, landscaping does not exist. If there any flowers they cut them, if there are any plants or trees they cut them! Place is un-kept, out of shape, and looks like boot camp rather than housing area. They do not clean outside the apartments, They let some new people in past two years destroy building property to bring water from basement. They allowed TENANTS TO CUT TREES with a saw themselves!! THIS IS NOT LEGAL! YOU ARE SUBJECT TO BE FINED! Every time they are after cutting trees and destroying nature that makes the place look a little better than prison grounds. The trees are fine, they are healthy and provide home to local wildlife, birds and squirrels, along with shade and some nice view. CUT everything down! Horrible. Keep raising rent, never helpful, you have to mail rent in 2019!

  • Elvis the super makes living at Maybrook Gardens a pleasurable experience. Since I have lived here, he has went beyond the call of duty to help me with anything I have needed. Even if it was simple as standing on a chair changing a ceiling light bulb or rushing over in the middle of the night because my radiator was having a problem. He installed my air conditioner over the summer and has even become so personable that he answers texts within minutes. It is nice to live in a development where I know that there is a responsible person that I can count on any time I need a hand or have a serious problem. Elvis is truly as good as it gets and he is always lending a helping hand. He gives Maybrook Gardens that "community vibe."

  • I live here from 2003 . The very first time i Saw the new superintendent ELVIS is doing great job . He is always on top of his work. His work is very efficient and admirable. Company take any complain very seriously. Assistant Christine is also working hard and doing good job. I am very happy with there work and wish them always the best, Company did great job to hire them.

  • Maybrook Drive has a new super named Elvis. He has been an incredible blessing to the apartments that have dealt with a horrible super for years. Elvis has been working hard from day one to undo years of filth, greediness and poor living conditions of the apartments. He works day and night to keep the place neat and clean and attends to tenants' requests on time and does it right. We are thankful for the work he has done around the apartments and for our apartment as well.