Markham Gardens

 Markham Gardens

 70 N Burgher Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310, USA

 +1 347-855-3994

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  • Blessed to have been here almost 10years now. Staff is friendly as well as the property always being well taking care of.

  • The staffs are extremely impolite and narrow-minded. A review stated that this building has been around for 10 years. That is precisely the problem, the staff team don’t want to change or “upgrade” themselves. They just want to stay within ther closed little circles, not a hint of a growing mindset. Normally, any business would try to improve and better themselves, but NOT this business.

  • I've been here for over 9 years, there are a lot of community engagement activities going on weekly for residents of all ages. The property has 24 security on staff, private parking, the property is very clean, facilities does a great job maintaining it. My concerns I've had, has been handled in great timing. The property manager is awesome and I appreciate the work she has done and continue to do with this property and the individuals who reside within.

  • Moved into Markham Gardens 2009 City Worker, Single Mom with three children and a granddaughter grateful and appreciative to live in my apartment which I take good care of. They have an amazing staff who works hard to maintain a safe and clean environment. I have a great relationship with them. They Continue to provide support to lots of children and provide skills to those in need. Definitely recommend this place to responsible tenants