Maplewood Place Apts

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  • ***Need feedback regarding this place...I am thinking of moving there? More importantly how is the management of the building and the care of the building?

  • The building managers who live here are great, but the company that owns the property cares more about their increasing profit margins than the safety of the residents.

    There are major issues with the weather seal on one side of the building that the owners refuse to repair properly, so balcony doors leak and freeze shut. The parking lot is in atrocious condition and management refuses to repair it, authorizing only the cheapest patch work repairs. Snow removal is terrible if it happens at all, and Destaron says it's not their problem. It gets worse every year because the guy lives here and knows that the hundreds of complaints amount to nothing.

    Parking is $40/month. Laundry is expensive and has gone up three times in the 4 years I have been here. Rent is increased 1.8% yearly.