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  • Pretty Standard big box Rona/Lowe's. All good/usual. Except, absolute minimum in the self-serve/u-pick indoor lumber aisle - Yup, only one row of untreated 8-10' length 1x3/2x4s/2x6s and sheeting. Handy next to their cutting centre. So, it's kind of handy for the home hobby-builder.

    Anything treated or larger, longer boards,... You gotta head to the order desk and get 'help' to head outside and load: Good plan for big projects/Contractors buying bulk, handy help loading...

    Bid-range contractors, like me, need a cartload, couple dozen treated or 12footers, this not so handy. I like the "indoor lumberyard" concept, will head to the other locations for wood & sheeting.

  • I bought an item here online and went to pick it up, and the lady who processed my order didn’t even greet me and her smile seemed so forced. I hope she would improve her customer service skills.

  • Customer service at this location is terrible. Went in for some roofing supplies. I had rudimentary knowledge for what I needed so I asked someone at the contractor desk for assistance. He directed me to someone at the roofing supplies. When I got to the aisle the employee was more interested in stocking the shelf then helping me with what I needed so he directed me to a third employee who ended up being the first employee I originally spoke too. I was so frustrated with the runaround and chose to just shop another Lowe’s for my roofing needs. On my way out I tried to purchase the 3 items, I was able to find on my own, at the self checkout tills. First item I scanned and the register tells me to wait for assistance. Even the cash registers didn’t want to help me at this store so I left everything at the till and went to the St Albert location; where customer service is actually a priority.

  • The staff was very helpful.Victor even came out to seasonal to assist in locating play sand for my child's heavy bag.