Location Brigil

Location Brigil

4000 4000 Hungerford Gate, Kanata, ON K2L 2T4, Canada

+1 613-592-1858


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Apartments For Rent Stittsville – Stittsville,ON

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  • I unfortunately could not recommend this rental building to a friend or community member. It is the right price point for my needs, however I am continuously disappointed by the staff and quality of service they usually don't provide. If and when they perform a task, they either don't do it at all or ensure they do it just good enough to meet some health standards and rental standards. I write this review to provide an honest answer to my fellow community members, not to complain.

  • No sound proofing on floors. If you live on the first or second floors be set for a lot of noise and disrespectful noisy neighbors. They don't tell you the floors are only wooden between apartments not cement when they show you the apartment.