Livonia Place Apartments

 Livonia Place Apartments

 30 Livonia Pl, Scarborough, ON M1E 4W7, Canada

 +1 416-281-5353

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Basement For Rent In Scarborough – Scarborough,ON

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  • The staff there is very racist and never accepted me because of two reasons. I'm black and deaf.

  • Staff is rude and Racist, lady at reception talk to customers very rudely and hangup phone on face, I got the email stating that they have vacancy, and right away I called back, the lady who answered the call was disrespectful and said they have no vacancy, accent of her seems alien to me, I think they have under the table system to allocate appartment. I m not upset about vacancy, I am upset about the way they talk to the people. Big fat zero rating for customer service. Management must hire people who have sense of talking decently to the customers. Most importantly who understands English and can communicate back.

  • I use to live here I had to move .The management keeps up the building on the outside but Building is roach infested. Roaches in the hallway and apartments. Whole building needs to be sprayed to fix this issue. I hope they fix this issue for the sake of their other tenants.