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Living Well Home Medical Equipment

755 Erskine Ave, Peterborough, ON K9J 7Y6, Canada

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  • Very helpful and knowledgable staff with great products. Was able to get in and see a specialist almost immediately, and great time and care was taken on their behalf to ensure I was happy.

    While I've only had a single followup, I did get the feeling that I'd be made a priority should I look to them for additional answers.

    Very pleased with the service here.

  • If you are looking for any kind of customer service, stay away from these people. My parents purchased a very expensive stair lift from them. Once it was installed, they suddenly do not return calls.

  • I have been to Living Well for a few different products and find the staff very helpful and informative. I highly recommend them to my friends and anyone that needs home medical equipment.

  • Simply funny I guess ?

    If you have time to waste, the ability to make multiple trips back to the store and the tolerance to deal with unhelpful staff, I recommend this company.

    If like me you require something like a wheelchair rental due to a injury, do not have the ability to make multiple trips back to the store and expect an acceptable form of customer service, I do not recommend this company.

    Day 1 - Call to rent a wheel chair. My mobility is limited after having an accident resulting in a broken leg on the mend and this will be my primary source of mobility. I am asked my height which I overshoot by 2" to accommodate the Cast. I am told no problem we can pick up the non motorized Wheelchair, seeing they rent and sell, I ask the cost differences $75 to rent for the month or in the $5,000 range to purchase. I thought a basic wheelchair would be substantially less money , but what do I know this is my first venture, I opt for the rental gladly, My wife takes time off of work to pickup the wheelchair.

    Day 2 - Wheelchair is unloaded from my spouses vehicle before she goes to work, my only source of mobility for the day. We attempt to attach the feet to the chair, and they have sent us with the wrong left foot, it has been sent with two right feet, the chair is unusable without both legs, especially with my injury. We call, they have the right leg in-stock. Unfortunately with my spouse working in a different city, we are unable to pick up the correct Leg.

    Day 3 - My wife picks up the correct leg for the wheelchair. When she gets home from work we set the correct leg up, I am rolling !!! or so i think. I go to sit in the chair and the other leg is way to short. I see there are adjustments on the leg requiring an allen key, no problem, I adjust the leg to its max setting, and still, it is not even close to being able to accommodate my height. My wife, many inches shorter than me, can just fit in the chair. So I call, and leave a message requesting somebody call me, or to have somebody sent out to replace the leg with the correct length.

    Day 4 - I call at 9 17 am , calmly explain my situation, to which i'm told the leg is adjustable and a technician will call me, I explain if they are referring to the allen key adjustment which allows you to gain extra length, i have maxed that adjustment out. To which I am snappily told I can just bring the wheelchair back. Shocked, I say that's less than helpful, the phone is hung up.

    I provided my needs upfront, my height overcompensating for a cast specifically for the legs of the chair, paid with no qualms, picked up my own leg replacement after they had sent us home with the first incorrect leg, was not rude and this is how you do business ? looooooooooool

    To sum it up, If you have time to waste, the ability to make multiple trips back to the store and the tolerance to deal with unhelpful staff, I recommend this company.


    In NO WAY did you offer to come out to my home to deliver the "right one" until I decided to post the above review after my 4 days of dealings with your company. Miraculously, 20 minutes after posting this review it was like hitting a Magical Customer Service Button, 4 phone calls from your company in the same day with voicemails offering to rectify the situation by sending a technician out to my home at which point I had already taken my dealings elsewhere.

    Regardless, what frustrates me to the point of writing the first negative review I have ever written isn't the mistakes that were made.

    It's the way the way things were handled after they were made.

    Apology Accepted.
    Best of luck to you and your company.

  • Fantastic place for seniors. Helped find a special seat cover for her Walker. We looked all over for it, elsewhere. Thanks so much.