Lincoln Park Tower

 Lincoln Park Tower

 1330 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2B 8J6, Canada

 +1 613-688-2222

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  • The building management is very friendly and helpful compared to my previous experience with one in downtown. The entrance area and corridors are always kept clean. The indoor gym is really good. The outdoor pool is kept very clean during summer. The management offer light breakfast occasionally. Another thing I like about this building is that they provide a special storage space to store your rarely used items. Also the building is in a perfect location where there is Lincoln fields mall on the left side and OC transpo bus station on the right.

  • Megan, the building manager, and everyone who works in the rental office are absolutely amazing. They're all very friendly, helpful and extremely accommodating. It's extremely hard to be taken seriously as a young person with disability, but I've never face this issue here, or any issue for that matter. As a trans person of color living in this building, I was never made to feel unsafe - everyone has been extremely amazing, true allies.

  • The building management is amazing! They go above and beyond for their residents and are the kindest of people. Everything from the lobby, gym, pool, laundry facilities are very well maintained and kept very clean.

    The building is great & conveniently located by the Lincoln Fields bus station which was a huge selling point for me, however there is no path leading downhill to the bus stop which is dangerous with the ice and mud.

    Overall it’s a great place to live! Highly recommend it to anyone ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Now, it is more than 10 months that I am living in this building. I was so happy with my choice, but recently everything has changed. Although the Lincoln fields bus station is so close to this building, residents had to cross a hill using an unpaved trail to reach to the bus station, which was difficult especially during the winter. Instead of making a suitable access road for residents (which is easily possible), the new manager decided to install a fence and make it impossible for residents to access to the bus station. Now, we have to re-route and walk for 10 minutes to reach to the bus station which is beside the building! (is difficult in the cold weather).

    In the starting inspection (10 months ago!), I informed the company that the refrigerator is so noisy and needs a repair. Still in the same condition!

    I am living on the third floor. A few days ago I noticed a water leakage from the ceiling of bathroom and I called the company and informed them about the problem (it was Saturday). The water leakage was because of a problem that happened on the eleventh floor! After two hours they came to my apartment and inspected the bathroom. They said that some dehumidifier machines must be installed in my apartment and these machines should be active here at least for 3 consecutive days. These machines were too noisy and it was not possible to live in my apartment when these machines were working (it is an one-bedroom apartment and bathroom is close to the bedroom). The manager suggested me to move to a hotel for these 3 days and she also suggested me to call the insurance company and ask if they will cover my expenses. As it was Saturday, the insurance company did not answer to my calls (this insurance company was suggested to me by the manager of the building at that time!), so I wrote an email to them and moved to a hotel. This temporary settlement cost me more than 300 dollars in total. On Monday, I received an email from the insurance company indicating they will not refund my expenses as it is lower than deductibles. I immediately came to the building and informed the manager about the problem, but she said that they also are not going to refund my expenses except the hydro fee that those two dehumidifier machines consumed during the weekend!
    My apartment had not any damages from this water leakage that happened on 11th floor and I was able to live in my apartment without any problems. The company decided to install these machines in my apartment and I accepted that and this cost me more than 300 dollars!
    It is interesting. Isnt it?
    I feel they don't care about their tenants anymore.

    I'll update my review soon to show you my experience in this building is much worst than what I mentioned above.