Les Jardins Radisson – Skyline Living

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  • The appartement here is nice and renovated. However, I can’t hold things for too long . I order something online for a month ago that clearly arrived and was nowhere to be found when it was disposed to the apartment until now . Also why would they allow construction digging at 4:30 am with all that noise. This is unhealthy and disrespectful to people sleeps.

  • Move-in to 6 Rue Radisson was easy and convenient. The staff, Aymen and Antoinette, were very friendly, courteous, and accommodating. I hope that I will enjoy living here as much as I enjoyed dealing with the office staff.

  • Amazing staff very nice neighbourhood clean and quiet building 10 no complaints at all living there almost 1 year

  • Nothing beats waking up the sounds of someone installing hardwood flooring at 620 in the morning. I was never notified this work would be happening and never got a notice of any sort. It's not the best situation for a newborn babe for the sounds of hammers and saws all day. When I knocked on the door another tenner also came out and complained how ridiculous it was. I can't wait to leave this place.