Les Appartements Jacques Cartier – Skyline Living

Les Appartements Jacques Cartier – Skyline Living

65&71 Boulevard Fournier, Gatineau, QC J8X 3P6, Canada

+1 819-881-0657


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  • Applied for a 2 bedroom apartment over a week ago, paid a deposit during application, and still have not received confirmation on whether or not I have been approved. Every time I call, they tell me they should have an answer soon, or the next day, and still no phone call or email. They seem to be very disorganized in their practices. It shouldn't take more than a week to call references and perform a credit check. I'm highly confused by their practices. Very frustrating to deal with.

  • Roaches and insects are everywhere!!!!!! Even when I clean ants are everywhere OMG even in my drawers my clothes I have enough with this disgusting filth. I did “treatment” clean every single day but it’s useless I Can’t wait to finish my contract GO FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE

  • It's not often you can find a place to live where you misplace your wallet and your girlfriend loses her purse within a 14 months only for the same maintenance guy to find both and return them to us with nothing missing. I have been living here for three years and have nothing to complain about. The staff here are knowledgable and polite and are quick to speak English with me given my limitations with the French language. As the manager of a cleaning crew that works downtown Ottawa I find the cleaning standards at Skyline very high and am often times blown away by how things look such as the recent carpet cleaning. Thank you Skyline for all that you have done for me and my family!

  • If you are looking to move into one of the Jacques Cartier Apartments, consider this our WARNING. The low rent might be appealing, but the stress from dealing with horrible management, ongoing broken security doors, cockroaches, mold, poor waste management, etc. is NOT WORTH IT. Please do yourselves a favour and find a better apartment that is safer and sanitary.

    EDIT: If Skyline Living actually cared, they would create a better communication line i.e. have an active email where residents can contact office/management and have office hours that are consistent and reliable. We already let you know how to improve, it is up to you. We shouldn't have to submit feedback on your website. Do better!

  • Well to keep it very simple. It very s difficult to have something unsanitary and dirtier in 2020 in canada ... you ll also complain about neighbors 3 A.M noises and of course janitors in duty will brush it off asking u can call police .10 complaints .even if you complain to their head office ...of course because office in place will have managers attendind once a week .or less...no joke ..good luck finding someone to speak to on site..skyline prefer having bad reviews than resolving easy situations ....they can go thank their neighbors who make noises all night for my bad but yet very honest review...new tenants warned try your luck if u want ...but dont say no one told u