lelem’ Arts & Cultural Cafe

 lelem’ Arts & Cultural Cafe

 23285 Billy Brown Rd #100, Langley Twp, BC V1M 0C8, Canada

 +1 604-343-9277


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  • Lovely little coffee shop. Good coffee. Nice spot to get some laptop work done or what have you.

    The food seems to be getting smaller and smaller portions though and maybe even pricier. I miss the old cranberry turkey sandwich hehe. New ones still tasty though of course.

    Overall still a great place to visit! Great vibes.

  • Great spot! The place is super luminous, by the river and well presented. Food is tasty and the coffee too! I like that they offer beers, perfect to enjoy the sun on their patio. We had a little incident with one of our plates and the staff were super apologetic and compensate us with some tasty treats.

  • Great spot for coffee and snacks. The staff are super nice and the location is great too. Highly recommend checking this place out.

  • Service is too slow.
    Now staffed by kids doing irregular shifts. No continuity day to day gives random experience and waaaaay less enjoyment. Too many students with a glass of water blocking tables for hours.
    Most expensive coffee in BC, too

  • Great cafe,

    Also this place is amazing for reading a book and studying. Very calming atmosphere.