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  • The Gentlemens Choice,...... As we all know a place as only as good as its location, and the people who maintain it. Ron and Diane ALWAYS go that extra mile to help owners, as well as tenants. The build is always clean, and the pool is always sparkling. If your looking for a better lifestyle, this would be my recommendation. In the heart of downtown, so there's always something to do. However, at night it's very quite. I love it here, I'm sure you would too.

    Thanks Kurtis K. Cullen

  • In regards to previous post from Karen.... she and her husband did not do the job they were required to do, thus they were let go. She is bitter, I can see that, but the Manager of the building have a job to do as do custodians (cleaning of building). This is not an apartment building, where I can see custodians can get confused.
    Other than that, Le Goyeau is trying very hard bring back the building the way it was years ago. It is a challenge finding good people to do the job. There are many wonderful owners in this building that live and/or maintain their units. There are many pluses to living here.
    Diane and Ron are doing an awesome job under the circumstances. They are very helpful, accommodating to an extreme and sometimes they have a tough job to do with tenants who are used to living in an apartment... there are rules to follow in a Condo.
    Do not be discouraged by a bad review...it is a great building to live in!
    Pam Gallagher-Caruana

  • For the record,Karen and glen,the assistants,custodians,were not let go, as Pam caruana clearly remembers,they walked out,QUIT. Clearly another lie on behalf of Pam. We have ran into many owners as of even today,who clearly says we've truly missed.. How they speak so low on Ron and Dianne,but because they r part of a click,r let on to be wonderful,but them too r liars,just ask the last custodians,who no longer work there as well,as they went through hell the exact same way as Karen and glen did,hence them taking the condo to court.so,Pam,remember, Karen and glen quit,not let go,so try again.

  • We, Ron Collins and Margaret the last managers that Ron and Diane took over well we were let go after being with the building for 4 years, which we ran it rather well. We then hired on Ron and Diane, we were hired by Danbury Property Management, we had to be fully bonded which we expected them to be as well. Then we felt sorry for Pam and her new husband Frank, because they had just moved in together and were requesting more storage. Well we offered them ours, right Pam, and then they threw a hissy fit to get it back. We were required to set up fully the pool work that needed to be done, as well as all of the underground parking well Ron and Dianne walked around. They eventually formed a posse against Ron and myself for we seen that with our own eyes, after we were let go the people that were involved along with Ron and Diane and Frank and Pam and Suzanne and drunk friend group that possed the halls, all of them were in on it together so much as catching them on camera going into Ron and Dianes unit with their hands up in the air coming back from celebratin us being wrongfully dismissed. We listened in and Art and his wife were giving us money from you people in the condo and didn't have a clue what the money was even for. Unprofessionalism and so much maintenace repairs needed to be done and hidden from the owners. Secret black mould throughtout the building, just try and lie about that Pam? Oh yes and also telling everyone the reason they let us go is that we were skimming off the top???????? After 4 years of enjoyment. The building paid for all the rose bushes you urged Diane to go out and garden and she pulled over hundreds of dollars of condo money out of the ground. secrets and lies eh Pam???We have more storeies if you want more and they are all true. The condo locks out people like us and throws all our belongings in the garbage???? Stole from us????? You know who we talk about , we know and you all will be judged accordingly, Ron & Diane who slid right in like snakes making up your lies to get us out. Thanks, but wer are in a good place right now and hope you can get on with your lies you all continue to tell. And if they need anyone to stand up in court with them we are on it. Ask the plumber we hired...you screwed him over too. Well Ron who hates and talks about his wife Dianne and Dianne the West..end Bathtub Queen...how do you like our job now...and have the rest of the owners caught on yo people like you yet?? Or Pam and your husband...are happy now ?? Sorry that all of you are such sad individuals....oh yeh just heard the hundreth cleaning lady just got canned...my freind who is good at what she does...bet Dianne Rearden had something to do with that!!!!!

    So continuing on with reality... Pam.... see That was an issue because alot of the little group that sat there in the lobby only assumed what was going on...I met alot of respectful people in this building and would like to keep it that way...cant keep management in your building now...do Ron and Dianne Reardon have anything to say?? After all there house is where all of you run into with your hands in the air Pam grinning of your victory.....which is very nice if you...thought you had been more mature than that...to follow others....get over it now Pam...you won...we don't care...myself and others in your building that remain my good freinds. And to the person who mentioned is there alot of drama in this building....well there sure is!!!