Le Faubourg de l’Ile

Le Faubourg de l’Ile

101 Boulevard Sacré-Coeur, Gatineau, QC J8X 1C7, Canada

+1 819-778-3266


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Apartments Gatineau – Gatineau,QC

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  • Literally one of the worst managed properties. There office never opens on time, it takes them forever to fix anything, and the hallways or torn apart for weeks now and smell like mold.

  • Just gone in for a viewing (1bd at 825 CAD). The intercom area smells like pee. Like, strongly. I didn't need to see the apartment to know that this complex is kept extremely poorly.

  • Management over here are nice. I am a tenant of the Fabourg de lil location in Gatineau. The people I see are polite and mind their business. The reason I am giving one star is for a couple important reasons. On the first day that I moved in , I noticed that I had a broken light in the hallway of the apartment next to the living room. The cover looks like it will fall any second and is hanging by god knows what. It is a hazard but thankfully I have no one with me or no pets. They told me they will fix it but didn’t. Three months later and still nothing.

    Another reason is I did not have power for three days. When I asked the manager she wa skins enough to tell me that they are missing a part and will take that long. Well it was 12 in the afternoon I called. Why would it take another day? I asked if I would be compensated since I had to throw all my newly bought groceries the other day. She said nope talk to your insurance company. Why would I call them to compensate 60$ worth of grocery shopping is that a thing?

    Anyways the last reason is my heater half way works. It will shut off every half hour randomly. Sucks when it’s the fall and winter.

    Nice people and environment. Horrible for anyone who wants to get something fixed. I guess that’s what I get for paying for cheap rent over here in Gatineau.

  • Huuge disappointment...begging 3 years for a parking spot outdoor closer to the building ..I have a toddler and a baby and I have to push the stroller on the top of the garage. Not safe for my kids as I cannot use the stairs and not easy at all especially since they don't clean the snow! Plus,twice I had mice in my car and had to change the car because they cannot fix that "indoor" garage.This is something that Regie du Logement will have to be informed of! So unless you are OK with mice in the car or having to walk like 10 min to get to the car this place is great for you.
    Ps..i wish they kept no pet policy..now seems like people are washing their dogs in the washing machines..fulll of hair..