Le 700 St Joseph Apartments

Le 700 St Joseph Apartments

700 Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Gatineau, QC J8Y 4B1, Canada

+1 855-212-7222


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  • I dont recomand this agency they are cheating students they told me to pay deposit and everything will be ok but after they askyou for garantor and tell you that you application as been not sucessful just to keep your deposit.

    avoid this company they should not doing this business.

  • Honestly disappointed that I can't give this apt a zero star because this will never deserve anything more than that

  • This is my 'first' review of this corporate establishment named Le 700 St-Joseph. I went with my son and was offered coffee before being shown around by Nadim...? I appreciate the on site convenience store, pool, gym... I did not witness any 'untoward' insect infestations and the building appeared generally well maintained. So far so good. I did however find the 'protocol' somewhat overly intrusive and disrespectful. Asking me to pay for a intrusive 'credit check' plus provide a $100.00 deposit for on an apartment that is not yet vacant while being coerced into providing my 'digital' footprint into an antiquated POS. well then that is simply an abusive cash grab. Seems I have been "accepted" for March first. Time for another 'visit'. Thx and I'll update later

  • I am currently renting an apartment at this address and have been for a year (since July 1, 2018). I cannot tell you how many times, since I have moved in, the water supply was cut due to ongoing, yet never ending, valve replacements and/or maintenance checkups.

    Although they inform you by placing a public notification, it has often happened that the water gets cut on any random day.

    Furthermore, the pool is advertised as "heated" and since it has reopened, after having been closed on numerous occasions, it is no longer at the same temperature that it used to be when I first moved in.

    Additonally, the sauna has broken in February 2019 and we have just been informed (May 2019) that they have ordered the piece to fix it... The sauna has been closed ever since. ?

    Last but not least, I have notified the office that I have an electrical outlet in my kitchen that has a bit of white smoke coming out of it whenever I use another plug near by. The answer I got was that the outlets cannot support more than 15 watts???!!!! My toaster has more watts than that and I have to plug it in my stove's outlet since it can support it.

    Bottom line, I enjoy living here due to it's physical location (near highway) but have since been dissapointed by the lack of ownership when it comes to "client satisfaction". It would be nice to be compensated in some way since my rent remains the same each month regardless of the big or little inconveniences.

    Thanks for reading me.