Law Office of Gregory Stuck

Law Office of Gregory Stuck

146 Queen St, Northumberland, PA 17857, USA

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  • Attorney Stuck was hired by my step daughters mom after she lost custody. She fired her old attorney and hired Attorney Stuck. The Judge issued his order and instructed the attorneys to draft an agreement. Attorney Stuck added stipulations that did not even resemble a custody agreement. Once our lawyer made the changes and was signed and sent to Attorney Stuck, he then altered the dates issued by the Judge to accommodate his client, however, his actions were unethical. Attorney Stuck also failed to remember anything that was discussed in the hearing and did not take notes. This lawyer is extremely unethical.

  • Avoid like the plague!

    This lawyer started out to be fantastic. Was expensive but his results were great. Paid in full then he wouldn't return phone calls or emails. After a number of months without any progress or further work, I decided to change council only to receive a bill for over $6200 for work he never provided.
    He's a horrible person for taking advantage of his situation and trying to extort money for allowing me to move on with other council and my legal issues. I encourage anyone who's had similar dealing with this person to file a complaint with the PA Bar Association which will result in an investigation.

  • My husband hired Attorney Stuck (suck) and we paid him in full, only to have to do our own work. He sucks, literally! He would never return our phone calls, never updated us with court dates and or information about anything. Plus he would always show up late to my husbands court dates and hearings. Not a very attentive Attorney for the amount of money he charges. His legal secretary (if you want to call her that) is not very professional either. I would not recommend this Attorney for anyone or anything. He's only interested in your money and not your case!

  • Did an amazing job with my divorce. Very aggressive in court. would recommend him highly.