Ladysmith Home Hardware Building Centre

Ladysmith Home Hardware Building Centre

1010 Ludlow Rd, Ladysmith, BC V9G 1A4, Canada

+1 250-245-3441

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  • Nice homey hardware store where you can ask for stuff and a nice person will help you find it! Small town, personal service type of place!

  • They've got pretty much everything you need there. From lumber to kitchen wares. They don't have any automotive stock but it pretty much anything else you need is there.

  • Must be one of the worst managed businesses in Ladysmith. Staff turn over is rediculous - one told me they've gone through 36 employees in the past year. If any business needs to be unionized, its them.

  • The people on staff are always helpful and polite and can answer my questions no matter how ridiculous they sound and keep a straight face while doing it so I don't feel stupid