Kelson Group Apartments

 Kelson Group Apartments

 220 4 Ave #208, Kamloops, BC V2C 3N5, Canada

 +1 250-372-1940

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Bc Condo – British Columbia,Canada

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  • I lived at Callingwood on 170th in Edmonton for several years when these guys bought the place.

    Things went from bad to worse under Kelson Group.

    They increased the rent by the maximum amount as soon as the sale was finalized.

    Bed bugs galore.

    Loud parties

    Unauthorized entry.

    Zero notice to enter suite for other prospective tenants.

    Multiple break ins.

    Ignoring maintenance requests.

    Building is poorly maintained.

    Ongoing parking issues.

    Management stalking tenants around the property.

    Callingwood was the worst apartment building I have ever stayed at in my life. I don't know how you people let it get so bad there, but take it from me, you need to do a full and comprehensive investigation into this property and its management because what's happening there is unacceptable and downright criminal.

    The fact that it's been permitted to happen this long is shocking. Two full years after I left and these problems have only gotten worse? Are you guys out to lunch or something? Why has head office not done anything yet? Do you guys just not care or what?

    Every response I see on all the complaints about your properties is some sort of a challenging "We invite you to turn this into a true conversation".

    Quite frankly, that response doesn't do anything to tackle the ongoing problems at your buildings. You don't need any more conversations, you need a change in management and concrete action.

    You guys stole my damage deposit when I left, despite the fact I left the place so clean you could eat off the floor. Honestly, I didn't have it in me to fight you on it. I was just glad to be out of there.

    Living at Kelson Group is a chapter in my life I am glad is over. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • I have been renting for the last 6 years from them in Kamloops BC. First our manager was Rose and it was an amazing experience where everything is clean and orderly which is surprising as we are down the street from a university. A few years ago Stephanie took over as manager and just like Rose she cares and the building is always clean and kept up. You know when you put a maintenance request in that Keith the maintenance guy will be giving you a call shortly to ensure everything is in top top working condition in no time at all. I know any repairs will be handled professionally and promptly. Stephanie is amazing and has an amazing person to cover when she is not a available. I recommend to anyone looking for a rental.

    It may be a little bit of a process to become a tenant but that is how they ensure to keep it a clean and respectful environment for everyone.

  • Renting in riverside gardens, Langley bc for 3+ years.

    Expensive rent for outdated townhomes. Single pane windows and thin walls means you will freeze in winter. As of April 2019 the pool has been permanently closed. Homeless people and theft is a huge problem in the area.

    Ona positive note, the complex is pet friendly and you are allowed to smoke cannabis on your property (outside). It's walking distance to shopping and transit. Beautiful portage park trails next door.

  • This rental company is terrible. The apartment j rent on hugh Allen drive Aberdeen villa is terrible. They recently installed washer and dryers into some of the units so all you hear is buzzing all day and night from people doing laundry and I don’t even have the option to get washer and dryer lines installed in my suit and they will not buy new washer and dryers ! Yet they will spend money to paint the stair well instead. Constantly wasting money on things the building doesn’t need. The apartment manager does little to nothing to stop the loud racket you constantly hear every day. For how much we pay for this place for a one bedroom it’s disgusting what we get in return. You guys need to start actually listening to your tenants instead of ignoring them.

  • Hello: I think Kelson Group has some good things about it. But mind that continuing out your Contents Insurance-purchase may only be possible at another Kelson Group building, if you have to cut short your Lease and had purchased at least one year's worth of Contents Insurance when dealing with rental-documents at the start of your Tenancy. This is something that may have been communicated to me as I was becoming a Kelson Group Tenant, but which got forgotten by me in the mad rush of moving in. Thank you!