Jacques Cartier Apartments – Skyline Living

Jacques Cartier Apartments – Skyline Living

15 Rue Bériault, Gatineau, QC J8X 3P6, Canada

+1 819-881-0657


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Apartments Gatineau – Gatineau,QC

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  • If you are looking to move into one of the Jacques Cartier Apartments, consider this our WARNING. The low rent might be appealing, but the stress from dealing with horrible management, ongoing broken security doors, cockroaches, mold, poor waste management, etc. is NOT WORTH IT. Please do yourselves a favour and find a better apartment that is safer and sanitary.

    If Skyline Living actually cared, they would create a better communication line i.e. have an active email where residents can contact office/management and have office hours that are consistent and reliable. We already let you know how to improve, it is up to you. We shouldn't have to submit feedback on your website, to get your "attention". Do better!