Jack In the Box Party Rentals

Jack In the Box Party Rentals

322 McDonnel St, Peterborough, ON K9H 2W7, Canada

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  • Great service from Kim and Nancy, very helpful in determining needs and quantities from their wide selection of party items for rent and sale!! Thanks for warm professionalism, Susan & Bob

  • I visited the store back in January and dealt with Nancy. She was a pleasure to work with. She was helpful after with questions, concerns, and changes that I wanted to make to our wedding. She was the positive aspect of our experience. She is the one and only star of our experience. We ordered our tables, chairs, linens, tent and lights from Jack in the Box. The guy that was suppose to set up our tent came the day before our wedding without all the parts to put up the tent. He left the night before our wedding with only half a tent put up and he lived almost two hours from our wedding destination. In addition, he brought his dog who he did not keep on a leash. His dog charged at our dog who had recently had knee surgery. We had to set up our whole wedding the day of our wedding after he left including the tables, chairs, linens, table settings, centerpieces, etc. we got everything finished an hour before our wedding instead of enjoying our day. When I emailed the night before our wedding in tears, I never even got a response. My mother called 9 days later almost in tears and after 45 minutes had no apology or resolution. Then the owner finally called my husband 25 days later. We still have never received an apology. Kim has been absolutely horrendous to deal with. Please be advised if you want a stress free event and one that if things do go wrong that you will get excellent customer service...steer clear of this company!

  • We have moved Our new address is 322 McDonnel St. Peterborough K9H2W7
    Can't get Google to drop old address. Apologize for the inconvenience !

  • Ordered a tent for our wedding and it wasn’t set up on time! Was supposed to be up the day before our wedding and wasn’t put up until the morning of our wedding. And this was after the tent guy spent the whole day at our cottage while we were trying to enjoy family time and do our rehearsal. He brought his dog which ran wild. His dog charged at our dog who was recovering from knee surgery. We rushed around trying to get everything set up the day of our wedding because it wasn’t set up when it was supposed to! We didn’t get to fully enjoy our most important day of our lives as we had planned! Was very disappointing and upsetting! Kim was an absolute nightmare to deal with afterwards! Took no responsibility and thought that this was acceptable and ok! I asked her to put herself in our shoes and she agreed she would’ve been very disappointed if it happened to her. She was very combative, ignorant and rude and never apologized! Would not recommend this company for these reasons!

  • We just rented our dishes and linens this weekend for our daughters wedding. This is the second wedding we have had where we have used this company and the ladies have been wonderful. A couple of tiny issues were dealt with immediately and efficiently. They were very supportive and helpful. I will be recommending them for sure to others.