Imperial Towers

Imperial Towers

37 Johnson St, Barrie, ON L4M 5C3, Canada

+1 705-726-1340

(5 reviews)

2 Bedroom Apartment Barrie – Barrie,ON

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  • This Building is run buy Liars cheats and thieves It is in constant state of repair the stuff they are putting on the floors is so toxic it makes you vomit the rents are so high and never have constant hot water water shut offs are at least 3 times a month bare wires hang from ceiling they are offering a 200.00 bonus from walmart gift card to anyone that refers a friend.. I wouldn't refer an enemy .. Oh the vacancy rate is approx 75% full with a beautiful view of the lake .. something is defiantly wrong with this picture specially when the house shortage is so bad

  • This guys are really bad in the management.
    I really faced many troubles related to cancelling the lease. Very slow service is provided. I really regret after leasing this apartment. Me and my leasing members were really bother a lot. Even very bad at proving the notices.

  • It's a terrible place to live. Had plumbing problems since the day I moved in. Took 7 months to fix. The bugs are bad in the apartments. I was in the penthouse. The pigeons are so bad you cant use or keep your balcony clean and the smell is horrible.