Homestead Apartments

Homestead Apartments

199 Queen Mary Dr, Oakville, ON L6K 3K7, Canada

+1 905-842-5300

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Apartments In Oakville – Oakville,ON

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  • I lived in these apartments before Homestead started managing and it was my favorite, so naturally I tried to get in when moving back to Oakville. The apartment and price were decent, but that's where it ends. Just weeks after moving in there was a leak apparently, and they came in and cut a hole in the wall to find it, like 3x2 hole. Didn't cover it up for weeks, the smell from it was horrendous and I have cats which made it very difficult for me to keep them from trying to go into this disgusting abyss. When they did cover it up, they painted it a nicotine yellow which did not match and just looked terrible, never came to fix after saying they would, nor did they ever fix the other side of the wall that got damaged from the leak.

    The sinks were constantly bubbling up and had gross black specs from god knows what that would cake on my dishes, so i couldn't leave anything in the sink and was constantly bleaching it. A lady in another apartment said she complained and they just told her to put a plug in it.. which when she did, the back pressure was so strong it threw it up and hit the ceiling.

    I had a dog I had to get rid of because this place was unsafe for pets, the grounds were dirty and my dog ended up slicing his foot open multiple times, costing thousands of dollars in emergency vet bills. We couldn't even walk him around the place

    Then the icing on the cake, when we finally moved after 14 months, gave just under 60 days notice so talked to the supers to make sure it was ok (it is impossible to find a rental in Oakville that will let you move in 2 months later), they said it was all fine, they had a waiting list so our last months rent would be applied and we were settled. Head office called me, I told them what we were told they said ok thanks. 3 months later I have collectors threatening to send my info to the credit bureau because I apparently owed money they never told me I owed.

    This place is gross, and a scam. They do not care about their tenants and will screw you for money at the first chance they get, and they are good at it. Please heed the reviews and do not rent from this company, and if you do, make sure you get everything they tell you in writing because they will forget when its convenient

  • Horrible landlords. It took over a year to fix my front door which was not fire proof. Was told they wouldn't raise my rent the second year to compensate me. When I moved out I was sent to collections for not paying my rent increase. Water problems all over the building, a non functional parking garage, elevators that are always down. Avoid at all costs.

  • Cockroaches. Black mold. Bursting pipes. Incompetent staff who need to be contacted over and over and OVER before they respond to work orders and start solving issues. Avoid this place like the plague, as you may actually contract it here.

  • Moved in 2 weeks ago already there are a lot of problems.
    Pests, peeling ceiling paints, faulty doors you name it.