Holiday Park RV & Condo Resort

Holiday Park RV & Condo Resort

1-415 Commonwealth Rd, Kelowna, BC V4V 1P4, Canada

+1 250-766-4255

(5 reviews)

Bc Condo – British Columbia,Canada

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  • The amenities here are great! This place is so relaxing and most of the people you run into are good people. The place looks a little dated. I stayed at a friends timeshare and there were three different paint colours in one room. Place is clean enough and I had a great week relaxing would not hesitate to come again. Location is great as well.

    I spent a lot of time at the outdoor adult only hot tub they have showers and a change room out there. Shower heads aren’t great but sit the trick!

    They have a pretty decent exercise room and an indoor pool (pool was closed for maintenance when I was here in October) they looked like a good time.

  • This is a drive-in caravan park BUT it has multi-storey single room and multiple bedroom hotel rooms, mostly with a small kitchen. The really interesting aspect is the heated pools and games rooms usable for your stay.

  • You will not find another RV Resort like this. They have many amenities. It's located on a nice, little lake and a half hour from Kelowna or Vernon. It's a great place!

  • Amenities are nice (dog park, pools etc) and trailer spaces are pretty decently sized. However, there is something wrong with the water here and it can get really gross at times (very strong rotten egg odour). After bringing this to the managers attention I was told that they were not going to address the issue and that they are not forcing me to stay here... disappointing to say the least.

  • These guys are great !!
    Don Culic is the nicest guy you will ever meet .
    Let him and his staff treat you to an unforgettable time at Holiday Park Resort