Historical Guest House

 Historical Guest House

 5128 5 Ave, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2G2, Canada

 +1 867-668-3907


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  • I really wanted to love this place given it's history. Perhaps my expectations were too high. While the building is historic with some very nice period piece furnishings upon closer examination finds each room compromised by modern furnishings and the guest rooms sorely lacking in any character but rather almost dorm like with poor lighting, sad choice of furnishings, screens in disrepair and mismatched door hardware. If you can overlook all of that and your criteria is being close to town, however, this place might work. The owner seems very pleasant and presents as a good host. The property simply could be way more than it is in my opinion, especially for the price.....

  • Nice place to stay. Very special and individual. Pam and Bernie and the Dogs are very friendly hosts.

  • Bernie and Pam are amazing! My family had a wonderful time staying with them for a week. My son calls it our Yukon home, because that's what it felt like. It was clean and well kept. They were friendly and welcoming. The backyard was a great gathering place to meet fellow travelers. Bernie is an amazing host, telling great stories of the Yukon, surrounded by his beautiful garden.