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Halifax Apartments

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  • Need to endless follow up regarding the Maintenance Requests. Most tickets are conveniently marked "Scheduled" and will never get serviced.
    Referral Bonus: This is just a hoax. You will never get it. They come up with stupid on the fly rules to ditch you saying that I'm on month-to-month lease (I'm a resident since 3 years). This time they said, they have forgotten to include the referral sheet in the beginning and they cant do anything anymore.

  • Plaza 1881 is a Amazing Appartment of Downtown Halifax with all the good amenities like Gym, Swimming Pool, Heated Jacuzzi Pool, Common Area, Personalized Common area, Free Wifi service in all these above mentioned areas, Two level underground Parking. Plaza 1881 is having multiple option apartments like 1BR, 2BR, 3BR and Some of Exclusive suites at the main floor with very large covered area and all Insuite amenities like Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Oven, Induction Stove, Microwave, Refrigerator, Chimney and Personalized Air Conditioning as well. Apartment is at Prime location with nearby places to enjoy uour Day and Night like Citadel Hill, Scotia Square Mall and Scotiabank Center where many live games and concerts are held mostly every Friday and Saturday Night. And the famous Argyle Street of Halifax for the Nightlife and clubbing people, having many pubs and disc including some of the best Irish pubs and the Discs to enjoy your nightlife. Staying here at this Appartment is wonderful experience, everybody is welcome to lease and rent the available apartment's with this place. You Can contact here for leasing and renting of Plaza 1881, Scotia Tower 1991, Mackeen Tower and 19Twenty Apartment. One of our Favorite and Really very good Leasing and Management person is Elon Myles. You can call and contact him for any inquiry.

  • I cannot believe the reviews. My husband and I have lived in the Plaza for 13 years and have had zero issues. Never hadproblems with bugs, or mice, the building is clean and quiet, the amenities are amazing and so is the location. Pool, hot tub, gym, study area with wifi, a room you can book for parties with a kitchen and tv totally free. I've never heard my neighbors music or tv, cat friendly, clean laundry rooms and garbage chutes, there are even social events for tenants a few times a year with free food and wine...pretty amazing place to live tbh.

  • Lived there for 3 years 2014-2017 during all of the construction. It was still going on when I moved out. My story: Cockroaches, bedbugs, (I went to the top of the former property management group in TO about this, which FYI, is being run by the same guy in the current company- I have all his emails!; basically was told off because they provide such ‘great customer service’. I spent six months on my sofa because of bedbugs, spent a fortune in cleaning and laundry, days off from work, no compensation from them for all of my efforts and I ended up with PTSD due to that *shudder*, AND! they still raised my rent! High turnover of international students, dirty hallway carpets. As another reviewer wrote, only thing good about this place is the location.

    **addition** thanks for your reply but I no longer live there due to those issues. Your top guy in Toronto, a former CBC executive, was condescending and rude with his response to me. I posted this review for people who may want to live there so they know what may happen.

  • This building and rental company (QuadReal) are a disaster. The location is fantastic, but the building is infested with mice and cockroaches and the rental company refuses to take any effective measures to handle these issues. I have had to email them about cockroach issues in the building approximately 6 times over the past 1.5 years that I have lived here. They take temporary measures that do nothing in the short- or long-term.
    In mid-November there was flooding on 6 floors of the building from a burst pipe (they did not notify residents of this until 3 days after it happened—I only found out earlier because I came home to soaking wet carpet in my hallway). At the same time they notified everyone officially of about the flooding, they informed us that we would have 6 days to vacate the premises (including all of our belongings) for up to 6 months so that the repairs could be done (because the repairs involved disturbing asbestos in the walls). The company then informs me less than 10 hours before I have movers coming that they have changed their minds about how they will do repairs and that I do not have to vacate the premises anymore—but that I will have to vacate at some point (date to be decided "in a few weeks") for 4-6 weeks. It's been over a month and I still have no update about when this will occur. During this month they had workers from 7:30am-7:30pm 7 days a week, including doing work on my own floor. During this work they sawed through the hallway wall into my closet and through a box filled with glasses, which obviously broke. Further, they notified every resident that workers had the right to enter our apartments at least once a day for the foreseeable future with zero notice.

    While the views are nice, it's not worth paying the amount they want in rent and dealing with a terrible leasing company that refuses to take effective measures for pest issues. There is a pool, but it is frequently closed for maintenance. Literally the only thing this apartment has going for it is the location, and it is NOT worth it.